London-based pop artist NAHLI uses varied artistic media for self-expression, combining music and musicality, figurative painting and activism into her artwork corpus; her fluid approach and esthetics generate contrasting and heterogeneous oeuvres, from lyrical musical pieces to profoundly ironic paintings critical to society, human nature and biased uneven perception.


Using the human body both as primary motive and as canvas, NAHLI translates her personal experiences to her art, her creative process being a journey through the main media for expression – words and word-art, music and images.


A pop culture artist by excellence, NAHLI seizes to juxtapose the beauty and the perverted within each human being and mediate this reconciliation between extremes, translating her personal experiences towards a better understanding of the self. Authentic and genuine, cutting-edge NAHLI is a direct heir to Warhol’s serigraphic series, Basquiat’s colorful and bold expression and Jeff Koon’s approach to reality, imagination and sensationalism.


Including taboo, sexuality and grief into her works, NAHLI explores emotions and trauma to a great extent, fueling her anthropomorphic art pieces with truth and courage. Her artworks reflect both her evolution as artist and woman in an ever-rapidly-changing society which fails to adapt and improve its values and criteria, but capturing the experience of all minorities in an oppressive environment.